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Products : VELA Medical Chairs

  • Dental

    Dental Chairs

    Ergonomic chairs Specially developed for dental clinics

    VELA Samba 150

    VELA Samba 150 was developed in a fruitful partnership with the Danish dentist Herluf Skovsgaard. The chair is ergonomic and comfortable and has a unique, short seat with a rounded and heavily padded front.

    VELA Latin 300

    VELA Latin 300 has a specially designed seat that makes it easy for personnel to sit very close to each other during treatments.

    VELA Samba 400

    VELA Samba 400 is well suited for work at the clinic, where the dentist and her assistant need to sit close to the patient and to each other. The saddle seat contributes to avoiding work postures in which you need to stoop.

    VELA Samba 410

    VELA Samba 410 is a unique chair that allows movement in the lumbar spine through the uniquely-designed seat.

    VELA Samba 500/510/520

    VELA Samba 500 is a simple stool for your clinic’s personnel, who need varying seat heights and sitting postures and also need to move around the patient.

    VELA Samba 100/110/120

    VELA Samba sit-stand chairs constitute the ideal solution for work where you change between a standing and a sitting posture.

    VELA Latin 100/200

    VELA Latin is an ergonomic quality chair and constitutes the perfect solution for the office work place.

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