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    VELA Twist is ideal for people who need stability, lumbar support and optimum comfort. Proper ergonomics are key elements in both the upholstry and support and tilt function of the seat.

    VELA Twist allows the user to get around at home and at work. The chair has a rounded backrest which allows free movement of back, shoulder and elbows - making room for the arms when the user is moving around doing activities.

    VELA Twist is a hybrid between the well-known VELA work chair and the manuel wheelchair. The chair is developed for users with disabilities, who need the advantages of a work chair, and, at the same time, are dependence of the mobility of a wheelchair. VELA Twist allows the user to maintain independency at home and at work. Electric height adjustment provides fl exibility, e.g. access to high tables and cupboards - a task conventional wheelchairs do not allow or make difficult.

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